Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PCC) is a highly controllable, cost-effective way of online advertising to gain a top spot at the search results of Google and Bing as well as on digital platforms and websites where your target audience spends the most time browsing. The massive benefit of PPC is that it is true ‘results-based’ marketing as you only ever pay for clicks that go through to your website, a well managed PPC can give excellent results, even for minimal budgets. Google AdWords gives you real, measurable exposure to your products and services. Keeping track of your PPC campaigns can be time-consuming and tricky, as seemingly small changes in your keyword or bid strategy can often result in significant differences to the return on investment (ROI) of the campaign.

Pay Per Click (PPC) & Google Adwords maintain a prominent brand position in your audience’s minds, to increase the likelihood that the moment they need to make a choice, you’ll be the first brand they see. By paying to rank at the top of your industry’s search engine results, you will bypass all the industry clutter, save time & cement your authority for respective topics. Google’s top 3 results get 60% more clicks than all others combined. We achieve this through focused copy and data comparisons.

What you get from PPC service of Singh Web Services:

Experienced Google AdWords experts of Singh Web Services are here to help you set up, maintain, and extract the most out of the platform. If you would like to know more about how a managed Google AdWords campaign can bring new leads and sales to your business, then feel free to contact us. We not only work to increase the traffic to your site, but we also continue to manage your AdWords campaign, ensuring that the client is receiving their clicks at the lowest possible price. With our service, you get the peace of mind that your PPC ads are managed by certified Google Ads experts and Bing Ads PPC specialists. We also manage AdWords campaigns intending to achieve a high keyword relevance, ensuring that you are making the most of your advertising budget!